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Nine Artiste Peintre Neuilly sur Seine Théâtre des Sablons

Exposition Nine Domaine de la Geneste - Châteaufort - Yvelines

Stephanie - Nine Artiste Peintre


From her various origins (French, English, Austrian, Spanish and Maltese), her childhood in the South-West of France and her 2 years in the Caribbean, despite a family drama when she was 11, Nine has always been bathed in a world of colors and light. Back from the St. Martin Island, she moved to Neuilly-sur-Seine, to follow the «Cours Florent » acting school during 3 years in order to overcome her inhibitions and shyness. During this time, she continued to paint and assert his technique and individual style and created her first “Tête à Toto” in 2001.

She could have drawn the light by becoming an actress, but having always expressed through painting since her childhood, she decided to devote herself and projecting her emotions with intense bright and cheerful colors on her canvases.
Since 2006, she has been exhibiting in various unusual places in Paris, starting with the Showcase (below Alexander III Bridge), the Trocadero Aquarium, Barclays Bank (Victor Hugo Avenue), Espace Pierre Cardin, Maison Blanche (Montaigne Avenue), Espace Catherine Max, Geneste Castle near Versailles … and in Miami (on Venetian Island during Art Basel).

The paint she used is acrylic that she throw directly on linen canvases of various sizes, ranging from small surfaces, up to very large ones (2m x 2m), usually, according to her inspiration or from orders .

According to NINE : “Peculiar to painters is to project its emotions and to follow them, to evolve to the extreme in originality, colors confrontation, or simply expression of its own state of mind”…

“Watching my painting is not enough to understand it. You need to touch it to feel it more intensively with relief change”

Passionate about life, she loves to travel and to discover the world around her, her natural charm knows how to spice up her life with humour and her communicative cheerfulness!
Being highly emphatic, she does not hesitate to get involved in humanitarian causes with great compassion and humility. Nine has always been concerned about Animals protection, as shown in the article below, when she saved a puppy from drowning while she was staying in Miami.

Miami Beach saved Puppy

Nine Artiste peintre - Montreal

Brochure NINE Page de garde

Brochure NINE – Septembre 2015